It seems that no developer is calling for a hardware upgrade. The latest to defend the current generation is Resistance developer, Insomniac.

Senior designer Cameron Christian and writer Jon Paquette spoke to CVG about this week's hotly anticipated sequel, and the duo was asked if the PlayStation 3 was showing its age. Christian first said the machine has plenty left in the tank and as time goes on, they're "finding better ways to optimize and better ways to program for it." Than Paquette said something we always say:

"You remember when the PS2 first came out? The games that came out at the end of that cycle, when people got better at using the hardware, improved. So I think there's still a lot of life in there."

When asked if they'd like to see the current consoles survive for another few years, Christian replied:

"Definitely. We can focus more on content at the moment because we understand the hardware. I think that's big. Being more efficient is one of the big things. Being more efficient, figuring out new tricks to get better looking graphics… we can keep pushing that I think."

Paquette added that there's "too much console rollover," which makes it tough for designers to become experts with any given machine. This is something we hear on a frequent basis from developers, as one can spot the visual upgrades throughout each generation. Also, from a gamer's standpoint, we really don't need the PS4 just yet, so…just keep it under wraps, Sony. We're good for now.

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