According to IGN and Sony Australia, the PS3 launch will be a major event down under. Sydney will be the host for many such events, as more than 500 stores will be conducting midnight launches for gamers anxious to pick up their prize this week.

Some of these stores are going all out: Myer will be kicking off the fun at 9:30PM at their store in the Pitt Street Mall, and attendees will get a special high-def screening of the latest Bond flick, Casino Royale . And of course, you only get one guess as to what device is playing the movie… And while the Talladega Nights promotion – the first 500,000 PS3 buyers in the U.S. received the Blu-Ray movie – isn't in effect, Myer will be giving the first 100 consumers in line a copy of the Will Ferrell comedy.

Those who show up might recognize the host: 2DayFM's Lizzy Lovett, who will be on hand to deliver free giveaways and entertainment throughout the PS3 countdown. And oh yeah, Myer knows you'll probably need something to munch on while you wait, so refreshments will also be a staple of the night. And remember, this is just one midnight launch event…

500 stores doing midnight PS3 launches? Well, all you Aussie gamers certainly won't have any trouble finding a party that night, right?

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