Nobody who cares about the industry enjoys writing such stories.

But maybe one game in six years – regardless of that game's greatness – just wasn't enough. That, coupled with the internal strife that has been so well documented, must've spelled the end for L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi.

According to various reports, since confirmed at GameSpot , the embattled design team has officially been placed in administration. After rumors that all the studio's assets had been sold off to multimedia production firm Kennedy Miller Mitchell, we now find a listing on the Australian Securities & Investments Commission website that says Team Bondi is "under external administration and/or controlled appointment."

In recent months, we've learned that most of the team had disappeared (some to the aforementioned multimedia company), and there were continued allegations concerning unfair and even brutal working conditions. Unfortunately, this final step was probably inevitable.

Typically, when a title grabs all sorts of critical acclaim and sells millions of copies, the studio responsible is assured of a bright future. But obviously, something was rotten from within…it's the only explanation.