In some ways, Deus Ex: Human Revolution arrived at a decent time.

Firstly, it turned out to be a fantastic game. Secondly, by releasing towards the end of August, it misses the fall rush and besides, the summer was slow. People should want something great to play.

But while many said they would be purchasing Deus Ex the day it came out, even more said they were just saving up for the onslaught of AAA titles scheduled to arrive between September and November. However, that being said, we're willing to bet that many people voted on the poll before the reviews for Human Revolution dropped…when that happened, we know some of you changed your tune. 😉

This week, we highlight Dead Island , the intriguing first-person survival adventure with various gameplay elements. We'll be talking to the developers this afternoon to learn more about the production but in the meantime, what's your take on it? Already sold? Not your thing? Let us know.

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