According to a recent Orange Lounge Radio interview , Namco plans to release a brand new Katamari game on all three new consoles later this year. Namco hasn't confirmed the story just yet, but the site seems convinced their information is correct.

The original Katamari Damacy on the PS2 claimed plenty of critical acclaim and legions of adoring gamers. For the budget price of only $20, we got one of the most inventive and addictive games in recent history…after all, where else can you roll up everything on earth to recreate the Cosmos? The surprising success of the little game spawned a sequel, also on the PS2; We Love Katamari for the reasonable $30 price tag. Therefore, it stands to reason Namco would bring us another installment, but we're already starting to hear whispers of April Fool's jokes, so let's just hope this isn't one of those.

As it stands now, the report states that Beautiful Katamari (helluva name, by the way) will ship for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 17 for $39.99 each, and for the Wii on November 14 for $29.99. The only thing that concerns us about this report is that original creator Keita Takahashi has moved away from the games and is working on other projects, so this may prompt some discussion as to the validity of Beautiful Katamari . But hopefully, Namco will clear things up soon.

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