Yes, Capcom farmed out the Devil May Cry reboot to Ninja Theory.

But that doesn't mean they aren't working together. It's not a situation where Ninja Theory does the game on their own and Capcom simply slaps their name on the box.

In speaking to the Capcom Unity Blog , Capcom Japan's David Chrissop emphasized the "collaboration" part of this new project:

"We really are working together, injecting as much Capcom know-how as we can."

Added Alex Jones from Capcom US:

It’s a fairly intense collaboration, particularly when you get down to the combat. There’re minute discussions about shaving frames, and ‘no no, have you tried hit stop this way?’ So it is very much like a symposium of Street Fighter-level combat stuff when we’re over there.

The combat is at the heart of any stellar DMC experience."

Thankfully, Ninja Theory creative director Tameem Antoniades agreed, saying combat is the "foundation" of the franchise. And as far as Capcom's trust in the developer, Jones said:

"[Ninja Theory is] amazing at story and mood and atmosphere, and we’ve given them full latitude to make the game they wanna make in that sphere. So in a lot of ways it’s been a very productive two-way relationship with us leveraging our strengths and we’re pretty happy with where we are at this point."

It's good to see that both companies are on the same page. When it comes to an iconic series like DMC, the new guys really have to work closely with the guys that first put the franchise into the limelight. Although we still have our reservations about Dante's new look, we fully expect the gameplay to be something special. How about you?

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