We recently reported on Jack Thompson's latest anti-game endeavor, which involved branding two upcoming Take-Two Interactive games ( Grand Theft Auto IV and Manhunt 2 ) as "public nuisances." Then, Take-Two fired back with a preemptive strike , in the hopes Thompson's plans would get dismissed before they ever gathered any steam. But of course, you knew it wouldn't end there.

Thompson has responded with an unsurprising level of cockiness. But this might be a little off-the-wall, even for him: his e-mail to the press says he's been "praying for Take-Two" to sue him, and such a "misstep" would ultimately allow him to "destroy Take-Two." What, you think that's strange? No, it gets weirder. The man actually goes on to quote scripture , believe it or not. "Amen, and Praise be to God Almighty, maker of Heaven, Earth, and yes, the maker of even video games."

The man may have finally gone off the deep end. We're not sure we should be laughing at him, anymore…this is more sad than it is funny.

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