When you think of a game console, what car manufacturer would you associate it with? I've always sort of considered the PlayStation 3 to be the Aston Martin of consoles; burly, luxurious, beastly, powerful, refined, and expensive. It doesn't help that I also favor Aston Martins above Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and the like. Any who, in a recent interview on PBS' program CEO Exchange, Sony's CEO Howard Stringer compared the PS3 to a Mercedes-Benz. Stringer was asked what he had thought of the Wii's sales in comparison to the PS3, to which he replied:

"Wii is a wonderful device, but has a different target audience. If we fail, it is because we positioned PS3 as the Mercedes of the video game field. PS3 is after a different audience and it can be whatever it wants — a home server, game device, even a computer."

Stringer didn't say anything else about the PS3 thereafter, as the topic of focus quickly moved on. I do have a tiny request though. If a PS3's a Benz, I hope Sony considers it a CLS, S-Class, CL or maybe an SLR. Let's keep the E-class, C-class, SLK, CLK and the other uglies away from the PS3's namesake. Just sayin'.

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