The European launch of the PS3 will have many more games available than the Japanese/U.S. launch last year, and one other game is coming in June: SingStar . That's right, the game that allows you to make a complete fool of yourself is heading to PAL PS3s, and according to PALGN , the title will feature thirty tracks…and that's not all.

Each of those tracks will feature a HD video, and there is a rumor circulating that involves additional downloadable songs for a certain price. At first, PALGN said the cost would be ₤1.49 ($2.88), but Sony recently told that the reported price is "wrong." Hopefully, we'll have the correct price point soon. We also don't know if those extra songs will have the HD videos, so that's another "wait-and-see" situation. And finally, the latest SingStar will boast a MySingstar page that players can customize with videos and photos of their best performances.

Get ready to sing your hearts out, gamers. You know you can't resist this virtual karaoke machine.

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