If there's one game that has suffered through constant rumors and misinformation over the past month, it's Warhawk . The first rumor actually turned out to be fact; that the game was changing course drastically from single-player to multiplayer only. But then rumors about whether or not the game would be PSN-based or Store-based started to fly. We thought the issue was resolved this past week, when IGN reported that a SCEA rep told them Warhawk would be available only in Blu-Ray disc format .

It was presented as clear-cut fact, but as it turns out, the truth is actually the exact opposite…we think. According to ThreeSpeech , Sony's semi-official blog, Warhawk will only be sold on the PlayStation Store as a download. Then again, the blog also says they would be notified if things should change…

"Sony have advised us that it will be available as a download only for the time being and that a statement will be released if that position should change."

So I guess the question now is, has the position changed, and they just failed to tell ThreeSpeech? Is the SCEA rep in IGN's story more up-to-date? Well, the former bit of info came last, so we'll go with that one for now. Will the insanity never cease surrounding this game?

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