Last week's sales in Japan sure seem to be full of surprises.
Gundam Musou remained on the top 10, and Monster Hunter Portable
2nd continues to sell a plethora. Now there are more surprises in
the form of hardware sales. We aren't certain what the reasons
are, but the Nintendo Wii's sales have fallen 13k down to 44k.
Gamers who reside in Japan claim a shortage of consoles, stating
that Wiis are nowhere to be found in the country.

Nintendo has recently gone on record to admit that demand is simply much higher than supply. What's more is that the PS3 is enjoying
another week of reasonable sales, taking in 32k consoles sold.
The PSP had another terrific week with 56k units moved, and the
handheld has surpassed 5-million in sales. Lastly, the Nintendo
DS continues to parade like a champ taking in almost the same
amount as it did the week before with 109k sold.

Nintendo DS 108,631
Sony PSP 56,175
Nintendo Wii 44,495
Sony PlayStation 3 32,115
Sony PlayStation 2 14,585
Microsoft Xbox360 3,333

Feb. 26th – March 4th
Nintendo DS 111,814
Sony PSP 66,156
Nintendo Wii 57,972
Sony PlayStation 3 44,000
Sony PlayStation 2 15,364
Microsoft Xbox360 3,379

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