How best to fight fire? With fire, of course. In the wake of yet another Jack Thompson vendetta, Take-Two Interactive has filed a preemptive suit against him. Thompson has recently attempted to slap a "public nuisance" label – under Florida law – on the upcoming Take-Two games, Grand Theft Auto IV and Manhunt 2 , but the publisher claims that such a label would be a violation of their First Amendment rights. Take-Two plans to petition the U.S. District Court in the hopes that they'll scrap Thompson's proposed suit before it comes to fruition.

Thompson just doesn't quit, regardless of how many times he fails. The state of Florida just recently rejected a very similar suit of his filed against Rockstar's Bully , when Thompson wanted to restrict sales of the game. But Take-Two isn't about to sit around and wait for him to meddle in their affairs this time around, and we can only say "bravo" to that.

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