Now that we know what the

are, what about the spending habits of the
gamer? In other words, how many games does the average
PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii owner game? The NPD Fungroup
estimates that the tie-in ratio for both the PS3 and Wii are
fairly close, actually. In January, the average PS3 owner owned
2.7 games, and the average Wii owner had 2.2 games. For February
there was a notable increase, as the numbers shot up a point.
Now, the average PS3 owner owns 3.4 games, and the average Wii
owner has 3.6.

"While some detractors may consider the next generation
cycle off to a poor start," said a representative from NPD,
"we think that improving tie ratios indicate strong demand
for the relatively light software lineup on the next gen
consoles, and we believe that once a greater variety of
compelling software is released later this year, demand for the
new hardware will increase."

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