After last month's painfully delayed January NPD results, it
seems a little weird putting together another NPD article two
weeks later. But nevertheless, the NPD Fungroup has already
informed us that the industry has grown

. A quick recap shows us the following
in console sales:

Nintendo DS 485,000

Wii 335,000

PlayStation 2 295,000

Xbox 360 228,000

PlayStation Portable 176,000

Game Boy Advance 136,000

PlayStation 3 127,000

GameCube 24,000

Xbox 480

Yes, the PlayStation 3 is dead last. Last month figures of the
console were fairly close to that of the Xbox 360's, but in
February the X360 outsold the PS3 by 100k units. The very end of
February saw the release of Formula One, Virtua Fighter 5 and MLB
2K7 (which actually arrived in most stores March 1st), and that
pretty much highlighted the entire list of PS3 games for the
month. So once again, a lack of software has done Sony wrong.
This performance is poor, no doubt, and we hope that with
MotorStorm, the announcement of Home, and various 3rd party
releases March's sales make up for February.

Software sales are a little different. While the Nintendo DS
outsells in hardware, it's the Xbox 360 that rakes in all of the
software sales. Crackdown sold 427k copies, largely due to its
Halo 3 beta inclusion – a move that is very similar to what
Konami did with Zone of Enders and the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo.
And it seems like the Wii Play w/remote package was just too hard
to pass up for many, as it went on to sell 371k. Rounding out the
top three is Diddy Kong Racing for the DS, a remake of the N64

360 Crackdown 427K

WII Wii Play w/Remote 371K

NDS Diddy Kong Racing 262K

WII Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 130K

PS2 Guitar Hero 2 w/Guitar 130K

360 Gears Of War 119K

360 Major League Baseball 2K7 113K

360 Lost Planet: Extreme Condition 111K

WII WarioWare: Smooth Moves 109K

360 NBA Street Homecourt 102k

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