Ferrari has changed its stodgy ways and started to embrace the game industry. After not wanting to release their license to Sony for the Gran Turismo series for years, they've finally given in and allowed their cars to appear in the fifth installment. And now, Ferrari and System 3 have announced they've landed the rights to publish Ferrari-based games on the PS3, Wii, DS, and PSP. Details are few and far between at this point, but we do know the games will boast
"real cars, real tracks and true Ferrari racing dynamics." The game in question right off the bat? Ferrari Challenge .

Looking at the selected platforms, it seems clear they plan to present the most fully-realized Ferrari title for the PS3. It's being
"developed to maximise the technology in the new console format such as a 16-player feature rich simultaneous online mode with elements not yet seen in any race game to-date." Sounds good to us. As for the Wii version, it's no surprise to learn that they'll be taking advantage of the motion-sensitivity of the Wii-mote. And finally, the handheld titles will focus on some multiplayer fun by utilizing the wireless and ad-hoc play. Again, no real surprise there. Tap into each platform's strengths, that's what we say.

We don't have much beyond that basic information at this time, but System 3 is preparing a preview session – in Ferrari's home town, Maranello, no less – for the international press. This year is the company's 60th anniversary, so that town in Italy wouldn't be a bad place to be for that event…well, Italy is probably never a "bad place to be," but whatever.

"Video games and racing have been my two passions during the twenty-five years that I've been in the business," said System 3's CEO, Mark Cale. "Finally the two have collided and I'm immensely proud to be bringing the Ferrari Challenge to market this year. We have invested in the best development talent in the industry and I'm confident that the game will be even more impressive than the license."

They may have some serious competition in the form of Project Gotham Racing 4 and Gran Turismo 5 , but we get to race in all kinds of Ferraris . How bad can that be?

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