Okay, so there was't too much to get excited about with yesterday's PlayStation Store additions , but if you're a little sneaky, you can have some serious fun. Oh, come on, everybody's doin' it!

The U.S. Store got a demo for Def Jam: Icon but the Japanese Store now has a playable demo for Minna no Golf 5 ; better known in other regions as Hot Shots Golf 5 . The demo features three holes and the same ol' adorable style we've all come to know and love over the past nine years. From what we've heard, it looks very nice, and plays just the way you'd expect it to.

You're saying, "aw, but it's only for Japan!" Well…kinda. It may only be for the Japanese Store, but you should be aware you can put in any information you want when signing up. It's the virtual world; you can live in Japan if you simply tell the PS3 you do live in Japan. And voila, you're playin' the HSG 5 demo. Give it a shot! (pun intended)

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