When you don't listen to the information, you tend to give misinformation. See how that works? And before this misinformation begins to flood the Internet, we'll clear it up right now:

German website Cynamite has reported that many high-profile PS2 games don't work on the European PS3, which caused some instant freak-outs from gamers everywhere. According to the site, top titles like God of War , Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater , Okami , Shadow of the Colossus , and Guitar Hero II don't work on the synthesizer chip-less PS3. This flew directly in the face of Phil Harrison's announcement that around 1,200 PS2 and PS1 games would immediately work on Euro PS3s.

But if you read that article closely, you'll notice something else: while the PS3 is coming equipped with firmware update 1.5, it does not come with firmware update 1.6 (although it will be ready to download come launch day). And what does update 1.6 do, class? That's right, it allows the backwards compatibility via software/hardware emulation to function correctly. Sony quickly pointed this out to 1Up when queried about the Cynamite news.

"The article is misleading," said SCEE director of corporate communications Nick Sharples. "As the console tested by Cynamite was not using the latest firmware upgrade, the information posted on its site is meaningless."

See what happens when you don't read the manual? So don't let this false information deter you, Euro gamers. More than likely, all of the games Cynamite tested will work just fine once firmware update 1.6 is installed. And as we already said, the update should be ready to go at the Store on March 23.

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