While the gaming world is fervently discussing the European PS3 launch and the upcoming PlayStation Home feature, the PlayStation Store continues to progress. Ever since the launch last November, the Store has enjoyed consistent updates, despite a significant lack of software. And those who choose to log on tomorrow and go exploring will find several new additions, ranging from game demos to movie trailers.

First up is the new Def Jam: Icon demo; the game is the latest installment in the popular EA franchise, which focuses on street brawling and the hip-hop culture. The title just recently hit store shelves for the PS3, and if history is any indication, it should enjoy some pretty decent sales.

In addition to the demo are three new Behind the Scenes videos for Resistance: Fall of Man – perhaps a bit late, but appreciated nonetheless – and a couple new Paramount movie trailers. We're still awaiting the new game content for Resistance , which will arrive in two batches, the first of which is scheduled for this month. But in the meantime, fans of the fantastic FPS can log on and check out the design process, and what's involved in creating such a high-quality title.

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