Want to get your name in one of the biggest fighting franchises of all time?

Namco Bandai Games America is giving fans a pretty cool opportunity: it's the chance to attach their names to a character in Soul Calibur V . If they head over to the naming promotion site , they can enter the name of their choice, and their favorite weapon and fighting style. Multiple entries are okay and if one of yours is chosen, players all over the world will fight a character with the name you submitted. The only downside is this character won't be playable, so winners won't be able to fight as themselves. Anyway, you have until August 5, 2011 to submit your entries, so give it a shot. Oh, and everyone who participates will automatically receive a sweet Soul Calibur V desktop wallpaper. Just a little thank you for trying.

SCV is definitely one of the more anticipated titles of 2012; this series has never let us down.

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