Epic's famous first-person shooter franchise has always been used as a benchmark for new graphical capabilities, pushing the boundary back further and further with each new iteration. Last E3 was no different; when Sony showed if its initial demo reel for the PS3, an Unreal Tournament-looking game was one of the most impressive sequences. Epic co-founder Tim Sweeney even took control and moved the camera around the environment showing that the scene was, in fact, real-time.

In the January 2006 edition of Playstation Magazine, Unreal Tournament 2007 is cited as a lock for the PS3 and, what's more, is that Epic is aiming to release it coinciding with the new system's launch. Sony is still sticking to their guns about the Spring 2006 date, but still with few details on the games or system (not to mention the lack of pre-orders), it is hard to say whether or not it will actually make that date. Either way, Epic promises that they'll be there right from the beginning.