Of course, you should already own the UMD game for the PSP but if you don't, you can rectify that grave error right now.

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions has arrived on the PlayStation Network for the PSP. So yeah, one of the best portable titles ever is now downloadable. Featuring the old-school turn-based strategy combat we fondly remember, 22 jobs, over 400 different abilities, and a fulfilling, politically charged storyline, this remake of the original classic is an absolute gem. And as that classic is my favorite game of all time, I should probably admit I'm heavily biased towards it, and would recommend it to any human alive, despite personal preference. 😉 And I think the game held up very well over time; feel free to check out my review of the PSP remake.

Now, about Final Fantasy Tactics 2 … If there's one game I want more than a FFVII remake it's FFT2. A true sequel, too. You can make it downloadable if you want; just do it, Square Enix.

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