New York is one of those cities where you might find a few bizarre laws, and it appears they're striving for another; this one related to the games industry. Rep. Brian Kolb has proposed Bill A02787 , which wants to allow courts to confiscate any video games that don't have a rating label.

Furthermore, the bill addresses any game that "glamorizes the commission of a violent crime, suicide, sodomy, rape, incest, bestiality, or sado-masochism … [and] directs sellers of such video games to restrict access to such recordings by storage in a sealed and locked container behind a service counter or in an area inaccessible by the general public." It seems rather straightforward, but we have a couple questions…

Firstly, has anyone ever seen a game without a rating label from the ESRB? 'Cuz we sure haven't. And secondly, perhaps Kolb is getting his hands on some unknown and seriously offensive video games, because we don't recall any titles that "glamorize bestiality." Or rape. Or incest. Or sado-masochism. Suicide is a stretch, and yes, violence is often glamorized in video games, but more so than in "The Departed?" You want that one behind locked cabinet doors in the store, too? Because the Academy might have something to say about that.

Well, whatever happens, considering we have difficulty thinking of any games that would satisfy most of the aforementioned requirements, we doubt New York gamers have much to worry about. Unless, of course, they release the unrated Pig Layers 2007 tomorrow.

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