The upcoming PS3 title Warhawk has received plenty of attention lately, especially after it was confirmed the game would be multiplayer-only. Of course, the real question (which we couldn't answer until now) revolved around how the game would be distributed: would it only be a PSN download, or would it be released in disc format in retail stores?

Today, Sony has announced the following:

"Officially, Warhawk will be released as a Blu-ray-based product," reported a SCEA representative to IGN. "It will see release in late summer."

Now, this flies directly in the face of Phil Harrison's words at last week's GDC, which said the game would be "available only as a download." But Sony was also quick to clear that up as well, so make no mistake about it: you'll need to buy the actual disc if you wish to play Warhawk , single-player or no.

"That's a misinterpretation," replied Sony's spokesperson. "Phil was only addressing what the future of downloadable content meant for the industry and how important online support will be for games. He didn't make any announcements."

Gee…certainly sounded like an announcement to us when the report came out of the GDC. But Harrison was apparently talking about the future, when discs may eventually become a thing of the past (it's tough to imagine, but it's a possibility). And in the end, Warhawk will not be a downloadable title on the PlayStation Store; it will be a disc-based product you purchase at retail stores.

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