In an interview with GameIndustry.Biz, Phil Harrison confidently states that Sony will continue to be the market leader and that the success of Blu-Ray will help fuel that outcome. At Game Developers Conference Harrison said, "I think we have everything that we need to compete, not just relative to the other players in the market but also to grow the market. This is something that is part of our corporate culture."

Harrison noted the Nielsen VideoScan reports of the Blu-Ray outselling its competitor HD-DVD by 2:1 [and 3:1 the following week]. Harrison predicts that the Blu-Ray format will amass popularity as fast as VHS and DVD did.

"That is a positive factor which will play more into the consumer psyche as the year goes on, as more consumer electronics firms launch standalone disc players, as more Blu-ray disc movies become available, and as more shelf space is dedicated to the category at retail," Harrison said.

"In America, where PS3 disc is already out, Blu-ray disc is surging ahead as the next-generation movie format of choice. It's absolutely trouncing any other formats, and I think we'll see the same in Europe and the UK," he said.

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