Well, it's pretty damn close to a movie already, so why not?

L.A. Noire is an innovative title that features both a great storyline and fantastic characters, which is why it could make for an excellent film. And one of the game's actors, Adam Harrington, says he'd love to see such a project . Unsurprisingly, he'd also like to see his character – Roy Earle – play a role in the production; if the movie is accurate, he'd have to, right? Said Harrington:

"I certainly think LA Noire would work as a film adaptation, and of course, I would love to bring Earle to that environment too. I think it would make a great film, and I think Roy Earle is such a well-conceived character, he already seems like he was something that was taken from a film anyway. So I would love to see him brought to life in a film and I would love to play his role."

We now know that Rockstar plans to start up their own film company, although we're not sure of any titles they might produce. But we like the idea of a publisher having full control over films based on their own games…look out, Hollywood, if a lot of game companies start doing this (and the movies are actually good), you could be facing a large-scale takeover! Fair warning.

Oh, and I'd say something vile about Roy Earle but I don't want to give anything away if you haven't finished L.A. Noire . ūüėČ

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