Sony gave us all a very nice Christmas gift last year by releasing the Gran Turismo HD Concept playable demo to the PlayStation Store. There were ten cars to unlock and try out on the one race course provided, and it made everyone yearn for the final version of Gran Turismo 5 .

Recently, the demo surfaced once again, this time at the Nissan Motor Sports Exhibition 2007 in Yokohama. However, it was a special version of the demo, as this one featured the Xanavi Nismo Z to tool around with. Anybody who wanted a shot at it could test out the car in the demo, and attendees could even pit their virtual skills against professional road racers.

Furthermore, they got the benefit of a new trailer video that showed off the latest Skyline model (obviously designed specifically for the Nissan event…duh). Perhaps we can hope to see either the Xanavi or Skyline via new Store download…? Heck, even the addition of one car would be enough for us to update the demo we already have, and any new trailer is welcome. Bring it on, Polyphony!

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