It's inevitable: with the rising of another GTA, Jack Thompson rises along with it, causing more problems for just about everyone in the industry. Former ESA head Doug Lowenstein has already said game journalists should simply ignore Thompson, but it almost seems impossible, doesn't it? Once again, the anti-game activist has leveled a lawsuit against Take-Two Interactive to "prevent the sale of two hyperviolent video games set to be released this year and sold to anyone under 17 years of age." The games? Manhunt 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV .

Recently, the state of Florida has taken disciplinary action against Thompson for his "unprofessional conduct in courtroom settings" (among other things), and he's even risked being disbarred. But apparently, that's not stopping him, and Take-Two – and the world of gaming in general – is going to have to endure yet another Thompson siege. Of course, neither game is rated just yet, and while we assume both will carry the "M" rating, we don't really understand Thompson's point…if they're rated "M," they shouldn't be sold to a minor, anyway. And with Wal-Mart and now GameStop and EB checking IDs for Mature game sales, hasn't Thompson gotten what he wanted?

Why do we get the sneaking suspicion that Thompson's actual goal is to simply ban the games entirely…? We get that suspicion every time he pipes up, actually.

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