Sometimes, you just never know the specifics of a game's back-story until after it's released.

This year at the GDC, flOw developer That Game Company was a hot topic of conversation, and President Kellee Santiago revealed one very intriguing bit of news: as it turns out, not one, but two companies were interested in the project- Sony (which we could've guessed) and Nintendo. That's right, this hot little title was very nearly on a Nintendo platform.

"That was the hardest decision we ever had to make, choosing between Sony and Nintendo," admitted Santiago. She went on to say that Nintendo didn't quite fit the bill at the time, and Sony assisted in kicking off the studio. Nintendo didn't approach them in interest; That Game Company tracked them down at a previous GDC. But at this point, it seems the team isn't completely adverse to working on the Wii in the future, because as developer Jenova Chen said, "in the end, we're game makers and not console makers."

Well, perhaps Nintendo execs are looking at each other now, with the word "oops" painted across their faces. They could've had this highly publicized and high-quality game if they had been a touch more proactive. But hey, that just means PS3 owners have something new to crow about, right?

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