Sony recently announced that Warhawk was getting a drastic overhaul; rather than becoming a typical single-player retail game, it was morphing into an online multiplayer-only game for the PlayStation Store. This upset a few but encouraged others, and the latter group would love an early glimpse of the high-flying, fast-action title.

The game's director, Dylan Jobe, spoke to a group of bloggers at the GDC, and he revealed that Incognito (developer) and Sony were having "internal discussions" about the possibility of a public beta for Warhawk . Jobe thinks the beta would be a good idea, because it could serve as a promotional demo and could further help to "stress-test" Sony's servers.

And as for the estimated retail cost, Jobe has more good news for gamers: "I don't think it should be a full-priced product," he said. Of course, the final price tag isn't up to him – Sony is in full control of PSN pricing – but we can always hope Sony hears his words. We'll let you know when we hear anything more about a Warhawk beta, because we're sure plenty of you would be interested in checking it out.

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