If you've already got the Retro and Steel Rain map packs, you'll probably want to nab the From the Ashes pack next week.

The next add-on for Guerrilla's excellent shooter is due out on Tuesday; it debuts on the PlayStation Network on June 21 and it'll only cost you $4.99. Four total maps will be included: two for Warfare Mode and two for Warzone.

Players will explore everything from the Mobile Factory – new resource production facility – to the Lente Missile Base, which is actually situated at the edge of the Kaznan Jungle. Those are two of the maps; Guerrilla says the other two will be revealed "soon." Well, it'll have to be really soon as everyone's gonna know in only a few days. Also, if you're behind on the KZ3 DLC, you'll be able to grab all three packs (Retro, Steel Rain, From the Ashes) for only $10.

Shooters tend to thrive on extra content, likely because everyone loves more maps to explore and conquer. We kinda prefer more weapons, though. But that's just us.

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