That new "Home" feature is rapidly shaping up to be a major deal, and when Harrison showed off the Hall of Fame aspect, those in attendance saw achievements for games like Resistance: Fall of Man and flOw . However, the astute observer noticed a little something out of place: the existence of LocoRoco , which is – so far – exclusive to the PSP. Harrison wouldn't talk about the award-winning puzzle title, so now, the obvious question lingers…

Later, game director Tsetomu Kuono issued a lecture on design entitled, "A LocoRoco Postmortem: Making Happiness Into Gameplay." He talked a lot about how the game came to fruition, but of course, the last few words turned plenty of heads. Kuono got to the topic of a sequel, and immediately started speaking about "better group AI, improved visuals, and advancements in control." His final statement?
"I can't elaborate any further, but you can probably guess what all that means."

Like Harrison, he refused to confirm anything, but hey, this seems pretty darn obvious to us. How about you?

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