As highlighted in the software article, Gundam Musou really
did help sales of the PS3 considerably. Both the PS3 and PSP sold
quite well for the week of Feb. 26th-March 4th, with the PSP
selling 66k units and the PS3 at 44k. The Nintendo Wii saw a
rather sharp drop in sales, bringing in 58k consoles. But it's
way too early to say that the Wii's sales have leveled off, not
until next week and the following. And it shouldn't surprise
anyone to find out that the Nintendo DS Lite is still selling
truckloads — 112k for last week. Amazing.

Feb. 26th – March 4th
Nintendo DS 111,814
Sony PSP 66,156
Nintendo Wii 57,972
Sony PlayStation 3 44,000
Sony PlayStation 2 15,364
Microsoft Xbox360 3,379

February 19th-25th
Nintendo DS: 136,128
Sony PSP: 100,210
Nintendo Wii: 78,506
Sony PlayStation 3: 19,315
Sony PlayStation 2: 15,054
Microsoft Xbox360: 4,183

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