"Episodic." It's a term that's getting more and more recognition in this new generation, especially given the increased emphasis of the Internet. And according to SCEA director John Hight, more episodic games are scheduled for this year.

"Mid-summer this year we'll be talking about some games that are episodic in nature," Hight said, speaking at the Independent Games Summit at GDC. "Some by design, more like interactive TV broadcasts and some to take content and spread it out."

Like "interactive TV broadcasts?" That sounds interesting, although we wonder exactly what they'd do with such a format. But then again, we should probably trust that Hight knows what he's doing; he's responsible for the Santa Monica Sony team that produced Blast Factor , and signed Thatgamecompany to a multi-project deal after they created flOw . So at this point, more "episodic" games might not be a bad idea.

But those of you who aren't too keen on those little titles, and say something like, "eh, there's just not enough there." Yeah, well, there could be plenty. Hight has cited "procedurally generated content" as a way of providing the gamer with "hundreds of hours of play," even for smaller titles. What, that not enough for you, big guy?

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