You know, I enjoy Nintendo's games as much as the next guy, and it's nice to see that they're the quieter of the three this console war when it comes down to PR talk. But I guess even the quiet ones can say something stupid every once in a while, and Nintendo did just that. A Nintendo representative told Computer and Videogames that "Home" "…is an example of Sony's "Mii-too". Allegedly, Nintendo claims that they've considered building a virtual world just like that, but decided against it.

So how exactly does that make Sony copycats then? Chances are they've been developing Home for much longer than Nintendo developed their "Mii" community world. Also, seeing the direction Nintendo went with for the Wii rules out a possibility of their 'original' virtual world being anything remotely close to Sony's. And of course, Nintendo won't be offering an experience like LittleBigPlanet where you create your own stages, share them with friends, and play co-operatively completely with superb physics calculations. So what exactly is Sony copying here again?

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