There were two new hardware announcements at E3 this week, and you got a chance to see both during the Nintendo and Sony press conferences.

First, we wanted to know what you thought about the Wii U. Granted, while this is a PlayStation-oriented site, most of our readers are multiple console owners and in truth, gamers are gamers. So we wondered if the new Wii, with it's nifty touch-screen technology and high-definition, impressed our readers…as it turns out, it didn't. The majority are either indifferent or just plain dislike it, and only a few say they're very interested. Perhaps when we see more games some consumers will change their minds; Nintendo really didn't show much in the way of actual software at E3. We saw some tech demos and got an idea of the system's features, but that's about it. At best, the Wii U is a wait-and-see situation for most PSXE readers.

This week, let's talk about the other piece of hardware: the PlayStation Vita. It was officially named and priced during Sony's E3 press conference and unlike the Wii U, there were games galore, including a very impressive onstage presentation of Uncharted: Golden Abyss . But are you convinced? Or are you on the fence? Let us know.