The media has been eating up the GDC news all day, but one of the more intriguing aspects was the unveiling of the first official Killzone 2 footage, presented by Sony's Phil Harrison as a "special thanks" to the media who attended his pre-GDC conference keynote address last night. However, the demo isn't necessarily showing a portion of the final game in progress, as Harrison stated here-

"Please remember that we're showing you this footage as an example of our technology," he said. "Keep that in mind when looking at it and don't think of it as looking at the game directly."

Harrison is talking about the new graphics tool designed to simplify the incredibly complex process of developing games for the PS3. It's called "PlayStation Edge," and the package comes complete to the developer with an RSX performance analyzer and GCMReplay. If it works out well with Killzone 2 , it's likely other devs around the world will attempt to take advantage of Edge.

The demo popped up on a few HD screens and showed off an intense battle amongst tough soldier types. The environment was brutally torn apart, as the game is apparently trying to be even darker and more gritty than the original. There was even a "bullet-time" feature of sorts…unless the slowdown was due to a technical issue, which we seriously doubt. Nobody's showing off a demo with slowdown problems, so what's that "bullet time" feature all about?

At the end, "E3" showed up on the screen, and Harrison went on to confirm we'll see more of the game at the show in July.

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