Rivalry? What rivalry?

Many were quick to compare inFamous and Prototype ; after all, both games featured superhero-like main characters and open-world formats. And now, inFamous 2 is here and Prototype 2 is in the works so the comparisons may once again be inevitable.

But Radical Entertainment denies that there's any competition or rivalry with Sucker Punch.

In speaking to Eurogamer , Radical design director Matt Armstrong admitted that the first inFamous was "really cool" and the sequel "seems to be shaping up really well," but what they're working on is "completely different." Now, most critics agreed that Prototype had a few problems, and Radical has taken strides to make some fixes and implement upgrades. "The things reviewers saw were the same things we saw," said Armstrong. He added:

"We had a main character in Alex Mercer who wasn't always as aligned with his powers as we'd hoped," admitted Armstrong. "We had a story that was very involved and convoluted and difficult to follow."

Other improvements for the upcoming sequel include an all-new rendering engine, the new "Lairs" feature, and tendrils, which use fire and can attach to objects. Basically, the developer claims they're keeping everything that was good about the first title, and are fixing everything that needed to be fixed. But as for comparisons to inFamous 2 , they obviously aren't interested in talking about that.

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