Alrighty. We're done here. Stay posted for clips of Home and screenshots of Home and LittleBigPlanet!

Update 11: LittleBigPlanet presentation just ended. The crowd ate it up! Everyone's in love. The physics in the game are insane. This is downright brilliant. I believe we'll be able to create our own platforms/stages complete with the proper physics. Not absolute on that yet…

Update 10: LittleBigPlanet is going to rock. Co-operative 4 player action with four characters all joined together. This is seriously going to end up a hit. Can't wait.

Update 9: Nothing great has happened. But they are showing off this kick ass 2 1/2-dimensional side-scroller called Little Big Planet. It's gorgeous!

Update 8: Eh, SingStar stuff. Never been too crazy about this franchise, but it's done Sony well. 7 million copies. You can upload videos of your karaoke skills and post for other viewers to see. YouTube-ish, I guess.

Update 7: Alrighty, it looks like Home presentation is done. Harrison emphasizes that there will be a lot more to come in regards to every aspect of Home. Beta will start in April, and the program will launch in Autumn 2007. Free of charge, free to use, direct access via PS3. Wonder if there will be microtransactions, though (buying accessories for home, etc).

Update 6: Haha, a virtual PSP is at your hands to navigate the world map. So now Phil is showing the trophies. They're 3D statues, not trophies. So you may have a 3D statue of Solid Snake as a "trophy", understand?

Update 5: Harrison just strolled into the movie theater and is showing a Spider-Man 3 trailer. Also, it seems like 3rd party publishers will be able to get in on this too. Sega, THQ and UbiSoft logos can be seen. You can also watch a TV show just by walking into a certain room. There are mini-game rooms with golf and basketball.

Update 4: Haha. Harrison picked up a virtual Sony Bravia TV and dropped it down a flight of stairs. Sony tech is still reliable in the virtual world, he says.

Update 3: Phil is showing all of the customization aspects of Home. He's demonstrating how you can redecorate your Home. Harrison slapped on some Resistance wallpaper. You can buy furniture for your pad and place it anywhere you want. Hehe, you can put two couches on top of each other and the top couch will topple over.

Update 2: Ok, PlayStation Home is once again made official. Featured filled avatar network that takes place in an expansive three-dimensional virtual world.

Phil Harrison has taken the stage. Prepare.

Update 1: Our first update to you is to announce that PlayStation Home
is real. It will also be free of charge! It is visually
spectacular and will be available right from the PS3's Cross
Media Bar. We will bring screenshots of it shortly.

Alright, folks. Harrison's much anticipated conference will be starting in about 10 minutes, provided there are no delays. I will update this page as the news comes to me, so expect updates roughly every 20 minutes or so. I'll largely concentrate on the most important bits and pieces, and fill in the smaller stuff later. The keynote is expected to be an hour long.

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