It's getting to be as popular as the insanity plea in the courtroom: "the games made me do it!" Yeah, but judges caught on to the abuse of the insanity plea, and they're catching on here, too. That stuff isn't about to fly for just anything, you know.

Patrick Morris, a 19-year-old who killed a 15-year-old boy with a shotgun last year, was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. Morris' mother, Irma Espitia (we thought families should have the same last name, but we be old-fashioned that way), tried to claim video games were the cause of her son's actions. "He would just go into his room and play those video games," she said. Ah yes, those darn games. Another convenient scapegoat for parents, but like we said earlier, it ain't gonna fly.

The worst part? The attorney figured that was his best defense, so he used it in court. Of course, you kinda had to mention the history of emotional and behavioral disorders along with the use of drugs, but no, it was the games. Yes. The games that made him go nuts and shoot that poor kid. Not surprisingly, the prosecutors claimed those disorders and the drugs probably had a far greater influence on Morris' disturbing behavior and murderous action. No, ya think ?

So take heed, parents and lawyers. The "games made me do it" plea doesn't hold much water.

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