After 16 years at the helm at EA, Larry Probst is stepping down, but he's not leaving without saying his piece regarding the next-gen console wars. Having been around during one of the biggest eras in gaming history, people tend to lend him the appropriate respect when he has something to say. During a recent investor conference webcast held by Morgan Stanley, Probst talked a bit about his predictions for the Big 3's future, and he believes that while Sony will once again emerge victorious, it'll be much closer this time around.

He believes the biggest obstacle facing the PS3 right now is the "expensive price," and he expects "there will be a more level playing field this time around." Still, this is another prediction that says the PS3 comes out on top, which can be filed a-top many others. Despite the console's slow start, most analysts believe a resurgence is imminent, but at the same time, they also believe the race will be a heck of a lot closer than last generation. The PS2 ran away with it early on, but there's no "running away" with anything this time; all three major players will see to that.

As for the other two, Probst thinks Microsoft will "gain market share in this generation," and EA is giving more support to Nintendo for the DS and Wii. So no matter what, things appear to be quite close, and while many believe they'll eventually see "Sony" in their crystal ball, it's a somewhat cloudy image.

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