Starhawk won't be here until 2012 but we're still excited. And Lightbox Interactive boss Dylan Jobe just gave us more reasons to be excited.

He answered several of the most popular questions concerning the new game over at the PlayStation Blog and first up is their decision to offer two flight modes. Jobe says they couldn't settle on a single flight mode that would satisfy the hardcore Warhawk players and the newbies, so we'll have two options in Starhawk : the default is for "new to mid-level players" and the advanced flight mode is "just like Warhawk 's 'pro mode.'" Jobe also confirmed both server lists and matchmaking for the game, along with a new over-the-shoulder (OTS) camera view, which becomes enabled when the player zooms in with a weapon.

Then there's the return of weapon pick-ups (no class-based or loadout approach), and yes, space battles will happen. This has quite possibly been the biggest aspect of any discussion involving Warhawk 's spiritual successor and now, Jobe answers quite simply:

""100% YES.The outer space environment set that the art team here at LightBox Interactive has put together is really awesome. Super fun to play on and looks great. Some of the elements are still being worked on and we don’t want to show it untill we’re 100% happy with it. But since sooo many of you guys asked, Sony was okay with me at least telling you that Starhawk was not just about terrain battles. :-)"

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