After announcing Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey for the summer and fall at the GDC, the team responsible for the latter JRPG dropped a big hint regarding the PS3. Both of the aforementioned games are exclusive to the Xbox 360, and up to this point, Mistwalker has voiced no intentions of developing for the PS3. Blue Dragon did very well in Japan and helped to push 360s, and Microsoft probably hopes the game will do the same in North America.

But will they be able to retain Mistwalker as an exclusive development entity? It appears that team member and Final Fantasy creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, has let a little something slip about the company's future plans. He says the team has been "testing" the PS3, and while he wouldn't go into details, it's a major bit of news, especially considering the team's initial aversion to Sony's next-gen console.

As for how that testing is coming along, Sakaguchi would only say the PS3 is "difficult," but nothing further. Could we be seeing a Blue Dragon sequel on both the 360 and PS3? Or might the team decide to develop a separate title exclusively for the PS3? Well, we won't know for a while, but it remains a very interesting bit of news.

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