After months of anticipation, Sony has finally shipped
MotorStorm. Developed by the gang at Evolution Studios, who are
no strangers to mud and racing (WRC series), MotorStorm is easily
one of the best looking next-gen console titles out there. It
comes highly recommended to those looking for an addictive online
experience, but don't bank on it having a very expansive
single-player component.

"MotorStorm showcases the power and technology of the PS3
with its combination of next-generation online and offline
gameplay functionality and life-like A.I.," said Jeff Reese,
Director, Software Marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment
America. "With over-the-top action, cinematic crashes, and
exhilarating gameplay, consumer anticipation for the game has
been overwhelming. Not only do we expect thrill seekers to
enhance their PS3 library with MotorStorm, we believe the game
will ultimately draw more consumers to the PS3."

on MotorStorm, and see if it's worth your coin.
One thing is for sure, you should at the very least try
MotorStorm out.

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