So let's say you've set a certain date to release your product, but you're suddenly concerned about that date posing a problem. Well, you could delay it and annoy some people, or you could be all consumer friendly and move it up. SCEA has chosen the latter approach with the Hot Shots Golf 5 playable demo, which will now be available on the Japanese Store on March 16.

That's five days before the originally-slated March 21; the company worried about overloading the servers on that day due to the European PS3 launch. And as one of Japan's most popular franchises, they certainly didn't want anything getting in the way of this highly anticipated demo. Hey, it makes perfect sense to us.

Please note the demo is only confirmed for the Japanese Store, which means U.S. and European gamers are supposedly outta luck…than why would SCEA be worried about sever overload for a European PS3 launch? Well, probably because they know – like many others – that there is an easy way for a user to download that demo, regardless of where you live. We're sure you savvy I-net users can figure it out.

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