It wasn't long ago that we learned about the extra downlodable content for Resistance: Fall of Man , and now, SCEA and Insomniac have issued a press release that details most of those extras.

The first batch of content arrives on March 23 – just in time for the European PS3 launch, by the way – and includes two new multiplayer modes: Team Conversion and Assault. The latter should be familiar to just about anyone who has played a FPS in the past decade; it's where one team simply attempts to take out the other team's base. Team Conversion is pretty self-explanatory; it's…Conversion, only with teams. Duh. But it doesn't end there. We're also getting the neat-o option of a "spectator camera," that will let other onliners check out the action for another player's perspective. You can also take control of it and just pan around to view the combat insanity from afar, if you wish. Lastly, Insomniac will provide a slight upgrade to the matchmaking option, and will also bring back the old radar as a custom option.

So that's all for March 23. But in May, a second update will hit the Store, and that one will enable "global competition" and include a couple new multiplayer maps for purchase. We don't yet know what these maps are, but supposedly, they represent an extension to the game's storyline. Much of the Internet was a-buzz with the possibility of added episodic content, and this could very well be it…but unfortunately, that may not be the case. The "extension" might end up being nothing more than an added presentation on the official Resistance website, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Okay, bring it on! More Resistance goodness is always welcome, regardless of what it is.

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