Just in time for the new movie, Captain Jack Sparrow and Co. get LEGO-fied next week.

Disney Interactive Studios has revealed a release date for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game : it'll be on store shelves on May 10 and if you want a sample, there's a demo online right now. Of course, until the PSN is back up and running (and the Store isn't slated to return this week,  unfortunately), you'll be limited to downloading it from Xbox Live. The demo will let you play through the Port Royal level, which ought to be entertaining. Boasting the popular Jack Sparrow and over 70 other characters from Disney's blockbuster film franchise, this new LEGO title is bound to appeal to fans. It'll even feature content from the fourth movie, "On Stranger Tides," so the cutesy adventure will most certainly be up to date.

You know, these games are always decent. They're long, they offer a ton of replay value, the controls are pretty solid, and the option for a buddy to jump in and play is a huge bonus. Just about every LEGO game is great fun for the whole family, we promise.

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