Although it hasn't been officially announced, most assume Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is inevitable.

And although he wasn't specific about the title, the voice of Ghost has dropped some hints about the possibility of a MW3 reveal this month. Craig Fairbrass, who has lent his voice to the first two Modern Warfare games, told talkSPORT about his recent trip to LA, where he's "working on something that's going to be announced in May." Said Fairbrass:

"And I've just been out in LA doing something that's going to be announced in May… I've just been out there doing some bits and pieces and one of it's to do with… I can't say too much."

Modern Warfare 3 is rumored to be a joint effort between as many as three studios: Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer, and Raven. And as far as the project itself, Fairbrass was impressed at the size and scope of the development:

"You do like five, six, seven sessions and they record it in this great big studio in Los Angeles, which is absolutely mental. I was out there from January to the end of February [and] Activision took me to their hub, I was a guest for the day, and they took me all around and they showed me the game – you know, these games are like $200 million to produce.

It's incredible. This place was like the size of 10 factories, there was all these people working."

We figure if you can make a billion freakin' dollars from one game, you can spend a few hundred million to make the next one. That sounds about right. At any rate, we fully expect to hear something official soon.