Lightbox founder Dylan Jobe says he "can't wait" to talk about his team's newest project, which everyone assumes to be Starhawk , the spiritual successor to Warhawk .

But before it's officially announced, it appears a Sony employee has prematurely leaked some early details:

Firstly, the source confirms the game is indeed Starhawk , and secondly, it will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive, although it'll ship as a Blu-Ray disc (not sure if it'll also be available on the PSN). Thirdly, the game will be unveiled before E3; some time in May, in fact. Fourthly, as far as gameplay goes, we'll be looking at a similar structure to Warhawk , which will include jeeps, APCs, tanks, and now, spaceships. And here's more gameplay info:

"…you cannot fly from a planet into space. Some maps are set on a planet, with dogfights taking place in the air, while others are in space, with small areas for ground combat. The game is still set in another universe, so Earth will not feature."

Lastly, and this is our favorite part- while Starhawk will be centered on multiplayer, there will be a single-player campaign, which Warhawk certainly did not have. Incognito's online multiplayer title was indeed a blast, but we were always thinking, "man, a campaign would be cool ."