The real season might be in jeopardy but the virtual one will once again kick off in August.

Even though it's a few weeks later than normal, EA has made good on its promise and confirmed Madden NFL 12 for August 30 . Publishing boss Peter Moore announced the date at an event in San Francisco, and clarified – as if we needed it – that the game would be headed to all major platforms (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PSP). Prior to this, EA had stated that the NFL dispute between the league and players' association wouldn't have a negative effect on this year's Madden installment. Well, that was very close to correct; we're only a couple weeks behind. Also, remember that EA is being more respectful of the seriousness of a concussion: if a player suffers that specific injury in this year's entry, he'll be immediately sidelined. Reality is a bi***, huh?

If you can't watch football this season, you'll still be able to immerse yourself in a new season with your favorite team.

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