The beta set to test the new User Generated Content feature in inFamous 2 has begun. You in?

Just so you're aware, Sucker Punch has started its beta test; the invitations are rolling out now and the test period runs from April 12 through May 6. Right now, this seems to be restricted to those who registered through the game's official website, but it may become available to PlayStation Plus members some time soon. As for the rest of you, you'll just have to wait until June 7, which the full game hits store shelves. The "very best missions" from the beta will be included in the final game, although we're not entirely sure how Sucker Punch denotes the "very best." The exact definition remains up in the air. But if you think you've got enough of an active imagination to create awesome missions, and you're involved with the beta, feel free to tell us all about it.

We'll be sure to tell you our impressions when we're allowed to do so, and in 2011, there are few games we want more.

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